Find the best match for your dog

Search for dog walkers nearby with a list of verified users, read reviews, and make sure your dog is in good hands.

Wanted to book a trip abroad and couldn’t find a solution for your dog? Sometimes it’s not possible or comfortable to take your dog with you. Searching for a friend who can do you a favor? so inconvenient. That's where Walker comes to help!

We hand-pick our accounts

Not everyone can join and become a dog walker. Our community of dog walkers is very exclusive. Each member gets hand-picked after we ensure their reliability.

Dogs come first! Loving dogs is a must-have.

Easy and seamlessly payment

Let us handle the boring and the hassling of payment.
Every dog walker has a fixed price for the service so you don't have to negotiate. We hold the payment until after you come back, making sure everything went well and only then the dog walker gets your money.

Perfect sync and great communication

You can always stay in touch with your dog walker using our app.Get constant updates,  and real-time photos of your dog while you're away so you will always feel close.

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